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Helicopter Air Support

BDS provides fully scalable and customizable Air Support solutions for departments of all sizes.

  • Helicopter + Pilot (Department Supplied Observer)
  • Helicopter + Pilot + Observer
  • Pilot and/or Observer Only (Department Supplied Aircraft)*

*BDS can provide your department with the logistics and crew staffing to run your air support operation. Department owned aircraft may present a substantial savings to your bottom line.

If you would like to know more about this option please contact us.

About the crew

  • All pilots and observers are trained in proper air support techniques before being assigned to your agency, you have no time or money wasted in the learning curve
  • We welcome and utilize pilots with previous police and military experience
  • Crew members are required to ride with street officers for one week prior to beginning their air support duties to assist them in learning the geographic area from street level. This helps give the crew a better understanding of the officers needs in their area of operation
  • Air Support crews are authorized by BDS (in accordance with applicable State statutes) to carry firearms for defensive purposes should the aircraft come under attack or be forced to land in an unsafe area. BDS crews receive training from certified and experienced instructors
  • BDS Air Support Operations are fully scalable to meet your departmental budget needs.

BDS 407


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