Clipdraw Concealed Carry Device




Universal-Cover-Photo-400x400 The “Universal” Clipdraw attaches in seconds with 3M Corp. #4941 VHB (very high bond) double coated tape. VHB tape is used in the construction and aircraft industries as a replacement for rivets. It provides a 20 lb. continuous bond that resists oil, solvents, heat and vibration. Heavy recoil and rapid slide movement have no effect on the bond strength between gun and Clipdraw. The Clipdraw stays solidly in place with adhesion actually increasing over time.
 u-12 The “Universal” Clipdraw consists of two parts. The mounting plate attaches to the gun with the double coated tape. The clip part screws to the mounting plate with two 1/8″ button head screws. Switching to a holster is simple. Just remove the clip part and in most cases the gun can be holstered with the low profile mounting plate left in place. No need to remove and replace the tape each time.
AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION:u-11 #SA mounts on either side of the slide or frame. Mounting requires just 3″ x 1/4″ of flat surface which can include grooved or textured areas. VHB tape provides full adhesion on steel, aluminum or polymer surfaces.


This CLIPDRAW was attached to my revolver for almost eight years. It had been carried pretty much every day of that time. When the video was made it had been in storage for a few months.

#RV mounts on the right side of revolvers below the cylinder. It requires just 2 ¾” x ¼” of flat surface for mounting.
The mounting plate can be located for preferred depth of carry, low for maximum concealment, high for maximum accessibility. Stretch release technology provides instant and clean removal leaving no adhesive residue or blemish to the finish.
Do you own a 1911, GLOCK, Springfield, Ruger or S&W J-Frame?

Shield-Product--400x400 LCP-Cover-Photo-400x400  GS-Cover-400x400



ORDER a GLOCK/Springfield model Clipdraw for only $21.99

The 1911 Bolt-on model fits under the right hand grip panel.
Models available for most 1911 configurations.


Product testimonials:

Craig wrote: “I love my Clip draws. My 45 is set up to carry over the back pockets I still cant believe how strong Clip draw holds on”
Thank you so much for the product, I have tried one and now want them on everything I carry.  I will be ordering more as soon as all my friends try them.  -C. J.
LOVE LOVE LOVE my clipdraw!    -S.T.
That’s definitely the easiest and most reliable CCW holster I have seen in a long time.    -E.M.
Great item and easy install looking forward to showing it off… Buyer: linewinder_212
Fast Shipping, Item as described. Works Great!!!! Thanks for an easy transaction…  Buyer: wirebender59
I can’t believe that the mounting tape is so strong(exactly like you say) Thanks…  Buyer: eagle_marketing
Blazing fast shipping!!! Awesome!…  Buyer: soonertrains
VERRY SATISFIED FAST SHIPPING…   Buyer: queenofuniverse213
Perfect…  Buyer: commobob
Perfect thanks!…  Buyer: colinmarie
Great!!! & quick shipping Thanks…  Buyer: bnfs
Love the clip draw, will buy more for gifts ,best invention since shirt pockets… Buyer: forget325

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