SBT – Workplace Active Shooter – UnArmed Response

If you work in a place that does not allow personal firearms to be carried, or you simply don’t feel comfortable with guns, then this is the course for you.

We cover how to survive an active shooter scenario AND how to overpower (or out think) the attacker.

This course is designed for people who want to protect themselves and coworkers but are limited to using tools on hand in the office environment.

The Active Shooter – UnArmed Response Course covers the following areas:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Office Tools
    • Taking Inventory & identifying useful items
    • Planning Ahead
  • Cover & Concealment
    • Workplace furniture
    • Wall composition
  • Target Identification
  • Militarized Assailants
    • Terrorist Mentality
    • Body Armor
      • How to tell if it’s being utilized
      • How to bypass it
    • Explosives
      • Detection
      • ‘Dead Man’ switch
    • Multiple Assailants
      • Engaging more than one target
  • Enlisting Help
  • Utilizing a recovered firearm (optional)
  • The Aftermath
    • How to not get shot by the Police
    • What to say, What not to say
    • Legal issues and representation

Prerequisites: None

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